MDM Company whose owner is Marzena Stolarczyk, is a fast-growing company, which deals with various agricultural products.

Our main goals as a company, is to yearlong distribute wholesale varieties of agricultural goods such as: oilseeds, pulses, grains, exotic grains, bakery seeds, dairy products, nuts, dried fruits and butcher products.

With over 8 years of experience, it has helped us understand our customers’ needs. We focus solely on the independent wholesalers and cooperatives – but most importantly, the clients they serve. Pigeon and exotic birds feed production are always provided with nothing but the highest quality of agricultural products. Our goods are famous among Polish and other foreign fanciers of racing pigeons. We implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System).


Systems mandate measures to target and reduce the presence of pathogenic organisms within our production, grocery products and distribution. Since our inception, we have built up our reputation and gained respect and acclaim as a company that never fails to provide exceptional customer service. We cooperate with companies from all over the world. We gained the trust of our customers due to our high quality products and reliability. Thanks to our professionalism we are well known company in UE. We truly hope that our wide range of our products will attract the interests of those from all over the globe, whom are looking for these products.

You can expect nothing short of a dedicated staff with tons of support, that deals with you directly, honestly and with your most important needs in mind.

We offer over 170 of goods, which 45 of those are made by us.